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Janel Umfress


I approach my practice with the unwavering belief that all students want to be successful.

I strive to create a supportive learning environment where the student feels comfortable taking academic risks and sharing openly. Equally, it is my goal to support the student in understanding his or her specific strengths and needs as a learner, as well as to help educate the family and provide a common frame of reference.

Therapy revolves around identifying the current language and learning issues, synthesizing information from the student’s school and other specialists, setting goals specific to the individual, collaborating with other support specialists, and evaluating progress.

In my private practice, I work primarily with students from upper elementary through college level that have a history of learning and/or language disorders.

Sessions are geared to the specific needs of the student and focus on applying the structures of language to the process of learning and academic content.

Therapy centers on the understanding and application of various strategies to the unique learning needs of each individual. Fostering a sense of trust and mutual respect with my students is essential. In this environment, the student understands his or her personal constellation of strengths and challenges in order to become a more confident, active learner.

The initial consultation with a parent is generally over the phone or through email. Typically, though not always, this contact occurs after a neuropsychological or psycho-educational evaluation has been completed by a licensed professional. At the first session, I will meet with parents and student to discuss strengths and challenges and to do some preliminary planning. Subsequent sessions are one on one with the student for 50 minutes, usually one time per week. At the end of each session, I am more than happy to provide parents with a brief overview of our work for that session. More in-depth discussions and follow-up can always be scheduled for another time.